👋 Hi, my name is

Nicolo Santilio

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📖 About Me

1997, Automation Engineer.

From Isaac Asimov to Masamune Shirow, from the ethics behind artificial intelligence to the dirty and raw cyberpunk, the worlds of computer science and robotics have always fascinated me.

I’m mainly interested in contributing to open-source projects and frameworks.
I enjoy developing tools that could help other users and developers all around the world.

You can get more about me, my education and my current job on my LinkedIn page

🗂️ Portfolio

Most of my projects involve robotics and micro-controllers, videogame development, tools and softwares.

You can find the source code of all my public projects on my GitHub page You can also read about my projects and studies on my blog.

While you can both read and use what I’m publishing online, you can also find a complete list of all my projects with some details on this page 👇

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