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📖 Portfolio

Here’s the list of projects and tools I’ve worked on.

📚 Projects

Open Authenticator (GDScript, C++)
Open source, offline, multiplatform 2fa software. Alternative to Google and Microsoft authenticator made with Godot Engine 4
RadioNet (GDScript, C#)
A simple Internet Radio Player made with Godot Engine and C# for a working project
My Booking Restaurant (GDscript)
Open Source booking restaurant app
Flowers for Spoon (GDscript, Supabase)
Send a digital flower and a personal letter, in memory of a friend
University project for Embedded Control exam, consisting of a prototype for a prosthetic arm using and EMG controlled Servo motor
EasyLeaderboard (Javascript, Docker)
Containerized Leaderboard architecture for games
Lorien (GDScript)
Infinite canvas drawing/whiteboarding app for Windows, Linux and macOS. Made with Godot
SociaDot (GDScript, Firebase)
Experimental social network multi-platform app build with Godot Engine and Firebase
GDApplib (Quarkus Java, Docker, PostgreSQL, Docker)
Microservice as game library backend for Godot Engine games, supporting chunked upload/download
GibsonCLI (Go)
Golang CLI tool for Gibson framework: package manager, project manager, godot cli parser, class resolver

🎮 Games

Demon Reaper
2D Top Down Action game made in 3 days with Godot 3 for GodotWildJam #7
Sky Conquerors
2D Isometric Real Time Strategy game made in 3 days with Godot for GodotWildJam #15

🪛 Libraries

GDScript library for Caching Algorithms and Replacement Policies for Godot Engine
Godot Engine - JWT
RFC 7519-compliant JSON Web Token library for Godot Engine written in GDScript
Unirest GDScript
Godot Engine HTTPClient extension inspired by Kong Unirest written in GDScript
Godot Engine OTP
Godot Engine plugin to generate RFC4226 and RFC6238 compliant One Time Passwords in GDScript
Godot Engine - Github Integration
A Godot Engine addon to integrate a native GitHub client inside Godot’s Editor. Manage your project without even opening your browser
Godot Engine - File Editor
A Godot Engine addon that adds a File Editor for multiple file types editing. Create and Write plain text files, configuration files and csv files with custom visualizers and previews. Also supports file translations
A routable HTTP server for Godot
Java library for basic Linear Algebra operations with Matrices. Generic and Specific class Matrices are supported
Simple go server which forwards any request to a proxy using http_proxy and https_proxy environment variable
Godot Engine In-editor Twitch Chat
Integrate the chat of your Twitch Channel inside Godot Engine’s editor! Enable it when you are doing a dev-stream or just want to check your Twitch chat while coding
Godot Engine 4.x GDExtension module exposing interfaces to encode and decode QRCodes in GDScript
Implementations of Firebase for Godot using GDScript
Godot Stories
Godot Engine’s stories using Twitter API, fetching everything with #GodotEngine. From a meme to an actual working thing
Godot - MongoDB Bridge
A MongoDB bridge written in C# for Godot Engine Mono projects
GDTelegram Bot
A GDScript addon to interact with a Telegram Bot in Godot Engine
Godot Code Snapshot
A plugin for Godot Engine which will let you take beautified snapshots of your code within the Editor. Configure the frame as you like, with GDScript syntax already highlighted
GDScript Appwrite SDK
A lightweight addon which integrates Appwrite APIs for Godot Engine out of the box
GDSript Supabase SDK
A lightweight addon which integrates Supabase APIs for Godot Engine out of the box